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Free OpenSource software downloads to keep your computer protected, and up to date


All of the links below lead to free downloads most of which are direct from the software creators. A lot of them can also be accessed through FileHippo

Why pay? when you can get it all legitimately for free!!


Operating System

Windows 10 Free download to upgrade from Windows 7



HTTPS Everywhere Install to make your browser safer

AVG - Anti-virus Free Antivirus software, or try Sophos  another highly recommended program

Spybot S&D Another utility for removing spyware from your PC Also use Lavasoft Adaware (Choose the free version on left side of page), and lastly SpywareBlaster which should block most Spy and adwares

Have I been pwned Click here to see if your E-mail address has suffered a security breach (e.g. Yahoo 2014)

Personal Software Inspector (was Secunia) Download this program to scan and inspect your PC's applications for security. It checks if they are up to date.

(New Image)Dashlane Security manager for passwords


Mozilla Firefox Another internet browser

Google Chrome Google's browser

Opera Yet another browser

Media Players

VLC Video Player which plays a whole host of file formats. Great player and a must have!

Real Player Alternative Media Player

RealPlayer Cloud   Media Player


Ninite Brilliant automatic Installer that can also update multiple programs/apps

Adobe Shockwave Media Player for interactive web content (Watch out for Yahoo toolbar on installation - Choose custom install)

Adobe Reader Allows viewing of .pdf files           or the smaller alternative is Foxit Reader                      

Want to create .pdf files from Word, Excel etc by using 'Print' function? Try PDF Redirect

To convert .pdf files back to Word .docs use the online service PDFOnline It just works!


inSSIDer Use this application to spot overlapping channel interference from neighbour's Wi-Fi - then change your routers channel

CCleaner Look for FileHippo or Piriform download links. Removes unused and temporary files to make your PC faster

Windows Live Essentials Various useful Microsoft application downloads including Mail, Photo Gallery&Movie Maker, Windows Live Mesh, Family Safety, Mesh, Writer, Messenger Companion, Bing Bar, Silverlight, Outlook Connector Pack

One Drive App Microsoft application offering free cloud service 15GB

GoogleEarth Google's application with 3 dimensional maps. Requires broadband connection and a half decent graphics card

Picasa Brilliant Google application that organises your pictures & videos and allows instant access

Scribus Desktop publishing - similar to MS Publisher

 iTunes Digital Player and CD Burner and iPod syncer

IsoBuster Handy tool for extracting files from a CD, DVD disc image and supports a huge amount of formats

LibreOffice  Free Office suite instead of expensive MS Office. See above for FREE MS Office compatibility packs

Gimp Image Manipulator, like PaintShopPro or Photoshop - or try Paint.net  which started from a Microsoft project

Avidemux Video editing software in the vein of Adobe Premier Elements 4

Nero Media Home Free version with no time limit on use! Need to supply E-mail address though

Ashampoo Burning Studio Free Free version requires registration after 10 days. Burns CDs/DVDs/Blu-rays

(New Image)Eraser Use this excellent utility to erase your hard drive before disposal

Freemake Video Converter Converts video to a multitude of formats or try VideoConvertorFactory

Met Office Widgets Scroll down page, tick box and download

Sky Screen Saver Fourmilabs Excellent Program

Old Version Excellent website which offers free downloads of old versions of some programs             Zamzar Free online file conversion tool

Giveaway of the Day

Find the right programme to open that E-mail attachment that refuses to open FileInfo   or  File Extensions


Links that I'm often using....................

BBC News One of the best news sites

GridWatch National Grid stats

ActionFraud Official website to report online fraud

Scams Avoid the latest scams by reading this

RegisterMyAppiance Be the first to know of recalls or safety repairs

(New Image)Vehicle Recalls Be the first to know of recalls or safety repairs

WayBack Internet website archive. Sourced by date

Google+ Will it take over from Facebook?

BGS Mapping Geological map of the UK

Consumer Direct Best website for consumer rights

RadarVirtuel Track aircraft live

Ship Movements Use AIS to track ships live

Wikipedia Online encyclopedia

Telephone Preference Service Stop unwanted telephone calls Mail preference Service (New Image)Fundraising Preference Service Stop charities  contacting you      Stop junk mail. Also see Royal Mail Opt-in/out

Google Maps Great site with satellite overlays.  Bing Maps with contouring

UK Radar See where the rain is and if you might need your brolly

MegaShopBot One of the best comparison bot sites which compares the comparison sites!

Hopewiser Find postcodes and addresses, or try Royal Mail - but requires Registration and restricted to 15 searches a day. Also UpdateYell is very useful for finding businesses (online yellow pages)

(New Image)GridReferenceFinder Useful for finding postcodes

Mum Died 17Jan2009

CWGC Commonwealth War Graves Commission Search engine My Granddad (paternal)

bit.ly Use this to shorten urls before sending on in E-mails

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