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DVDs, CDs and Books  Page 5

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To buy online try  DVDPriceSearch Check VendorInfo for shipping

or give MegaShopBot a go

Happy DVD searching!!


Spotify Listen to music for free (with some ads) or 0.99p/month (but currently requires an invite)   UpdateMusic Yahoo! Watch Top 100 Music Videos. Eil.com Worlds biggest online record shop

MusicStack and Discogs Two websites to obtain difficult to find music

Google Music Buy DRM free music - but currently only available in US

or try the search bot for cheapest price at Find CD or at 123PriceCheck which includes books, DVD's, CD singles & Albums. Buy MP3's online at emusic - Far cheaper and less restrictive than iTunes (e.g. DRM), but now requires registration.

Official UK Music Charts           UK TOP40 DVD Chart


(New Image)WH Smith UK Charts Top 200    Waterstones Top 100 titles

Search best price at BookPrice or try BookButler

Google Print Search the text in books Open Library Free e-books to download from the public domain WhichBook Useful book choice search tool

(New Image)Hive Great website forbuying online and helping the High Street

eBooks Buy electric books (ebooks). Can be read on Sony Reader        Amazon Kindle ebook Bestsellers               Kobo Available from various retailers 

Calibre Software for converting ebooks for use on any device

ATM for books from OnDemandBooks Click to see locations

The books below can be bought at Amazon.co.uk. HP Review 

 Waterstones Blog

Waterstones Exeter High Street Twitter feed

Fatbrain Site for selling books

 Overdrive Online library for ebooks


Helen Dunmore:Birdcage Walk"

Philip Pullman: The Book of Dust"

Margaret Atwood: The Handmaid's Tale"

Stephen King: It"

Book(s) I'm currently reading (when I'm not reading technology or PC magazines)...................................................................

Jennifer Marohasy - Climate Change the Facts 2017"

Storm Dunlop "Meteorology Manual: The practical guide to the weather"

ALBUM CD's  I'm listening to or about to download/buy........................

Ed Sheeran "Divide"

Jess Glynne "I Cry When I Laugh"

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