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Digital TV (No subscription costs once set up costs paid)  See Wiki for full listing

1. Freeview Official website                         Click here for what channels (TV and radio) you can get (roughly 100! but they are SD - Standard Definition)              Check Radio&Telly too for info

Tweets Latest news on Freeview TV    Interference from 4G Useful FAQs


2. FreeSat Read about the free digital TV service which requires no subscription, just a satellite dish, cable and Freesat box        

See Freesat channel list 170 channels            Freesat News         Tweets


3. FreeSat from Sky Read about the free digital TV service from Sky - 240 TV channels for 175

UpdateGoogle Chromecast Great plug-in device (30) for your TV allowing cast connectivity with tablet and mobile

VideoOnDemand news from Digital Spy - Discuss online entertainment services

Another option is to buy a Media box e.g. Sony Playstation  which will stream media content from your PC to display on TV and play 'On-Demand TV' (see below). Click Pricerunner for available media centres



1. BBC iPlayer BBC Player enabling catch-up of BBC TV and as of Feb.2011 supports search for ITV and Channel 5

2. YouView Now available, after much delay, from various broadband suppliers

3. TV Catch-up 40 channels to choose from (Requires registration and has adverts) but it's my favourite and currently best in class

4. MSN Player Same as BBC iPlayer

5. CBS TV.com US Channel currently only showing Channel 5 content (below) but more to follow apparently

6. ITV Hub  Same as BBC iPlayer, but for ITV

7. My4 Same as BBC iPlayer, but for Channel 4

8. My5 Same as BBC iPlayer, but for Channel 5

9. Sky Go Same as BBC iPlayer - but requires registration, offers 40 channels

(New Image)10. UKTV Channels include Dave, Really, Yesterday, Drama



1. Netflix On demand service from well established US company from 5.99/month

2. Amazon Prime Instant Video (was Lovefilm) On demand streaming service for 79/year of movies and TV shows or pay 5.99/month

3. NOW TV Buy separate Sky TV bundles using NOW TV box e.g. 7.99 Entertainment. Monthly contract

(New Image)4. TalkTalk TV Option to rent and own TV shows and movies (from 99p) as well as bundle with broadband

5. Virgin Digital TV through fibre-optic cable from Virgin

6. Android TV (was Google TV) Available now in UK. it's brilliant! (stock discontinued??)

7. BT Vision Available with BT Total broadband package - not free

8. Mubi On demand movies service from firm that used to rent DVDs from 7.99/month

9. Rakuten Part of Play.com company offering TV/movies for 5.99/month as well as pay as you go. Some content free!

10. HBO Now US streaming service for $15/month on Apple devices

(New Image)11. Apple TV 4K Watch through box from 179

(New Image)12. Facebook Watch Watch free videos - similar service to Youtube


Future of TV which lists one of them as....................

hbbTV Read about 'Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV' a pan-European initiative

Radio Times  What's On TV?        (New Image)Genome Project    See TV and radio editions going back to 1920s

BBC TV         TV Cream All your favourite TV programmes from the past - Beware as this site is very addictive   British News Pathe (Archive - requires registration) 3500 hours of archive footage between 1896 and 1970

UpdateWorldwide TV 2000 stations     

TV links below are .ram files that play on RealOne Player



Want to listen to Digital Radio? BBC iPlayer for radio Find radios for sale at Radio Now

Radio  Fail Snippets of radio when it goes wrong

Podcasts BBC podcasts (listening to radio shows on mobile device) See here for more worldwide Podcast content

(New Image)British Podcast Awards

BBC Radio 1 Listen live!      BBC 1Xtra Listen live!

BBC Radio 2 Listen live!

(BBC Radio 2 - Webcam Image)

BBC Radio 3 Listen live! 

BBC Radio 4 FM Listen live!         BBC Radio 4 Extra Listen live!

BBC Radio 5 Live  Watch and Listen to 5 Live!

BBC 6 Music Listen live!

(BBC 6 Music - Webcam Image)(BBC 6 Music - Webcam Image)

BBC Asian Network Listen live!

(BBC Asian Network - Webcam Image)

BBC Radio World Service Listen live!

BBC Radio Scotland Listen Live!

BBC Radio Wales Listen Live!

BBC Radio Devon Listen Live!

UpdateRadio Einslive Listen live!  Might not work..............

(Radio Einslive - Webcam Image)

To listen to all BBC stations above you may need to download free version of RealOne Player

UpdateBFBS Radio British Forces Broadcasting Service

Heart (Exeter) Listen Live!  or        watch live!

Radio Locator   Radio Feeds

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